Pneumatic Excavation includes both surface and subsurface utility locating services. Pneumatic excavation can be the most efficient and versatile process for removing waste products. In our hands, and with our unique approach to each job, we remove the waste efficiently and completely.

Our customers benefit from SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED CONSTRUCTION DELAYS AND CONTRACTOR CLAIMS otherwise caused by unexpected conflicts with utilities during construction.

This technology is most effective when used during the preliminary engineering phase on projects where utility conflicts are likely to occur.


  • The first phase of surface locating utilizes techniques and instruments developed and perfected by the geophysical prospecting industry, allowing technicians to identify the horizontal trace of the line prior to actual digging.
  • The second phase of subsurface locating utilizes a highly specialized method of Pneumatic Excavation which exposes the utility line, enabling an exact visual determination of its location with little disruption to existing land uses or highway traffic and no damage to the utility line itself.


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