Air-moving, or pneumatic conveyance, is a very efficient and versatile process for removing materials or industrial waste contained in tanks, containers, surface impoundments or process vessels. Using controllable suction velocities of up to 150 mph, air-movers can convey almost any material that will fit through an eight-inch hose over a distance of up to 1,000 feet, depending on the material’s weight. Material or waste is deposited into truck-mounted collector modules, drums or other intermediate containers (e.g. vacuum-tight roll-off containers) for transportation to its ultimate disposition.

Some air-movers have augers, sludge pumps, cyclone separators and pneumatic unloading systems (often referred to as “blow-off systems”) for a variety of specialized applications. Using a cyclone separator unit (either a stand-alone unit or one built into the air-mover itself), material collected by the air mover can be either drummed or bagged for specialized disposal requirements.

  • A wide range of materials can be handled: West, Dry, Non-Hazardous & Hazardous.

  • Specialty applications include: Unloading & Reloading of Tower Packing, Process Vessels, Reactors & Water Treatment Vessels.

  • Consistency of materials can range from: Fine Powder to Bricks.

Wallace Industrial Technology uses a vacuum-tight roll-off system to be used in combination with the air-mover. This system allows the air-mover to remain in virtually continuous operation, which can be especially important with large volume projects. Under this process, the air-mover loads the vacuum-tight roll-off containers, one after another, while a roll-off truck transports the full containers to disposal sites or storage areas. This system can decrease elapsed project time by up to 60 percent in comparison to using an air-mover on a stand-alone basis. These roll-off containers can be used for specialized waste handling or for material recovery. Wallace Industrial Technology uses a process for inserting a polyethylene or polypropylene liner inside of the vacuum-tight roll-off container in order to capture material recovery or fulfill specialized disposal requirements. These specialized liners can hold up to 40 cubic yards by volume and, reinforced with lifting straps, can accommodate up to 10 tons of material.


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